• Terms and Conditions 


    Agreement for Stop Lying In Politics Ltd. and Radiator Productions Ltd. Crowdfunding Campaigns:

    Last Updated:October 20th, 2023




    1. Introduction 


    1.1 This crowdfunding campaign ("Campaign") isinitiated by Radiator Productions Ltd, a film production company, in collaboration with Stop Lying In Politics Ltd, a not-for-profit social enterprise, for the purpose of raising funds to create a new documentary film with the working title of "The Power of Lies: The Story of Lying In Politics and the Fight to make it illegal." The director of the film is Marcus J Ball. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before participating.

    1.2 The objective of Stop Lying In Politics Ltd. is toestablish that lying in politics is a criminal offense. It does this on a not-for-profit, social enterprise basis.


    1.3 The objective of Radiator Productions Ltd. is to produce a documentary film telling the story of lying in politics and the fight to make it illegal. It does this on a for-profit basis. It is a separate legal entity from Stop Lying In Politics Ltd.


    2. Purpose of the Campaign 


    2.1 The primary objective of this Campaign is to advocate for the establishment of lying in politics as a criminal offense, addressing the inherent harms associated with deceptive practices by politicians.


    2.2 Lying in politics has far-reaching consequences,including but not limited to the destruction of lives, erosion of trust in democratic systems, initiation of wars based on deception, manipulation of elections, and sabotage of the legitimacy of referendums.



    2.3 It is noteworthy that in nearly all other professions, lying is already considered illegal. Professionals in various fields, such as company directors, advertisers, and product or service providers, are legally prohibited from deceiving the public.



    2.4 This disparity has raised concerns about inequality under the law, as politicians and judges have not implemented the same level of
    legal regulation to prevent them from lying to the public.



    2.5 This Campaign firmly believes that addressing this imbalance is crucial to the betterment of society and the maintenance of public trust.



    2.6 Our goal is to bring about a legal framework that establishes lying in politics as a criminal offense to hold politicians accountable for their words and actions.



    2.7 To this end, we aim to utilize existing legal concepts, such as the common law offense of misconduct in public office, which has been previously employed to prosecute lying public office holders (e.g., R V Speechley and the case against PC Keith Wallis).



    2.8 We believe that the key to achieving this goal is to successfully prosecute a Member of Parliament for lying, with Boris Johnson identified as a significant target due to the substantial evidence of him lying to the public about matters of national importance.



    2.9 The documentary film produced as a result of this Campaign will delve deep into this critical narrative, offering a comprehensive exploration of the story and its fundamental lessons.



    2.10 Furthermore, the funds obtained through the sale of the documentary will be used to initiate a second prosecution of this nature. The
    narrative surrounding the first prosecution and the challenges faced in its pursuit will also feature prominently within the film.



    2.11 The funds raised in this Campaign will be used for the production of the documentary film, "The Power of Lies: The Story of Lying
    In Politics and the Fight to make it illegal." It is important to note that Radiator Productions Ltd is a for-profit company, and any proceeds
    obtained from the sale of the film belong to Radiator Productions Ltd. If the sale of the film is as successful as predicted then some of these funds will be used to reinvest in the work of Stop Lying In Politics Ltd, a not-for-profit social enterprise. It is also hoped that, if there is sufficient funding, backers will be able to have their contributions refunded. However, with no confirmed sale at the time of writing, this is unconfirmed.




    3. Backer Liability



    3.1 Backers participating in this Campaign have no legal responsibilities or obligations beyond their limited financial contribution.
    The worst that can occur is that backers will lose the funds they have donated, and the success of the film is not guaranteed. Backers are not legally liable for any outcomes, financial or otherwise, arising from this Campaign. Their participation is voluntary, and they assume the risk of their contribution being used for the purposes stated in this Campaign.




    4. Fundraising Responsibility 



    4.1 Radiator Productions Ltd is responsible for this Campaign. While it is a for-profit entity, we are committed to upholding the highest fundraising behaviour standards, including transparency and honesty in all our activities.




    5. Acknowledgment of Consideration 




    5.1 By participating in this Campaign and making a contribution, backers acknowledge that they are providing valuable consideration to support the goals of the documentary project and the broader objectives of Stop Lying In Politics Ltd. Radiator Productions Ltd values the
    contributions made by backers and is committed to fulfilling its obligations in line with the campaign's objectives.




    6. Consideration Provided by Project Organizer 




    6.1 Backers acknowledge and understand that Marcus J Ball, as the project organizer and director of the documentary, provides valuable
    consideration by dedicating time, expertise, and effort to plan, manage, and execute the Campaign. This includes taking on significant legal, financial, and reputational risks as a private prosecutor and filmmaker.



    6.2 Backers recognize that Marcus J Ball's commitment is vital to the success and realization of the documentary project and the broader
    mission to combat dishonesty in politics.



    7. Responsibilities and Contributions of Marcus J Ball




    7.1 Marcus J Ball, as the project organizer, assumes significant responsibilities throughout the Campaign, documentary production,
    and potential private criminal prosecution case. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to fundraising, financial management (with the assistance of an accountant), record keeping, evidence gathering, investigations, website management, digital and email marketing, public relations, film production, and all other duties associated with the successful completion of high-level crowdfunding campaigns, documentary filmmaking, and potential legal actions.



    7.2 Mr. Ball is chiefly responsible for these tasks and may perform them personally or engage professional experts on a hired, employed, or
    freelance basis, including but not limited to lawyers, directors of photography, editors, animators, communications consultants, and various other professionals. His responsibilities in this project are considerable and require a substantial commitment of time and effort.



    7.3 It is important to note that Mr. Ball assumes significant legal, financial, and reputational risks as part of his role, including the absorption of these risks on behalf of the backers who support this project. Despite the magnitude of his responsibilities and risk exposure, his compensation for this work is minimal, based on a per-hour basis equivalent to minimum wage. The volume of work requires that Mr Ball works far more than full time hours per week.




    8. Intellectual Property 




    8.1 All intellectual property rights related to this documentary film, "The Power of Lies: The Story of Lying In Politics and the Fight to make it illegal," are owned by Radiator Productions Ltd. All intellectual property rights related to private prosecution cases and the fight to establish lying in politics as a criminal offense belong to Stop Lying In Politics Ltd. Crowdfund backers, investors, or other financial beneficiaries do
    not acquire any rights, licenses, or claims to the documentary's intellectual property.




    9. Use of Funds 




    9.1 Backers acknowledge and understand that the funds raised through this Campaign may be allocated to various expenses and costs associated with the mission at large. These expenses may include, but are not limited to, legal advice, communications consultancy, editing, production design, artwork, animation, filming work, marketing, advertising, or any other product, service, or cost that contributes to the success of the mission at large.



    9.2 The allocation of funds is made at the discretion of Marcus J Ball, recognizing his role and responsibility in managing and advancing the objectives of this project.



    9.3 Additionally, the funds may also eventually be invested with financial services professionals for the long-term financial sustainability of this work. Such investment decisions are made at the discretion of Marcus J Ball to ensure the project's continued success and financial stability. At the time of writing this has not yet occurred but it is a practical option as the campaign develops.




    10. Warranty




    10.1 Radiator Productions Ltd, in collaboration with Stop Lying In Politics Ltd, provides a limited warranty for backers of this Campaign. We warrant that the documentary film produced as a result of this Campaign will be made to the best of our abilities and in accordance with the
    information provided throughout the Campaign.



    10.2 This limited warranty does not extend to any specific outcomes, including the success of the documentary film, its critical acclaim, or its distribution.



    10.3 This warranty does not encompass the financial or legal aspects of the Campaign, which are subject to the terms and conditions outlined
    in this agreement.




    11. Challenging Nature of the Campaign 




    11.1 By participating in this Campaign, you acknowledge that the goals and objectives set forth are ambitious and challenging. The success of the Campaign is not guaranteed, and the outcome may be uncertain. We are dedicated to the importance of this cause and are committed to its pursuit but as in all worthwhile advances there is no certainty of success.




    12. Transparency and Donor Communication 




    12.1 Before accepting any donations, we will provide donors with clear information about the film's purpose and objectives, including details about Radiator Productions Ltd and Stop Lying In Politics Ltd.



    12.2 Marcus J Ball will communicate with backers of the campaign, primarily though email updates and Twitter/X communications. Sensitive information will be held back when required, to protect the work for all.




    13. Risk Acknowledgment 




    13.1 By participating in this Campaign, backers acknowledge and understand the inherent risks associated with filmmaking and documentary production, including but not limited to unforeseen delays, budgetary constraints, and other unexpected challenges.




    14. Refund Policy 




    14.1 Backers participating in this Campaign acknowledge and understand the importance and vital need to protect the funds of this project. In recognition of the significance of the work being undertaken, backers are not required to have their funds refunded under any circumstances.



    14.2 It is important to note that the likelihood orpossibility exists that the funds contributed to this project may have already been allocated and spent to advance the objectives of this work.



    14.3 In the event that Marcus J Ball successfully sells the documentary film for an exceedingly good price, it is his hope and intention to reimburse backers with their contributions. However, this decision is made at Mr. Ball's discretion, and the priorities for the allocation of funds, in order of importance, are as follows:



    a. The successful realization of the mission to establish lying in politics as a criminal offense and the advancement of all other associated works.

    b. Marcus J Ball's financial, reputational, and legal security, recognizing the substantial risks and commitments he has undertaken.

    c. Backers potentially receiving refunds of their contributions, once objective a. and b. are complete and if/when Mr. Ball considers that adequate funds are available (from the film sale).



    This refund policy reflects the mission-first approach, ensuring Mr. Ball's security, and, as a third priority, consideration for the possibility of backer refunds. Without Mr Ball’s efforts the campaign ceases to continue, which is why his needs are so important to meet. Mr Ball holds Key Man status within this project and his wellbeing is therefore vital to protect.




    15. Use of Backer Information




    15.1 Backers' personal information provided during this Campaign will be used solely for the purpose of the Campaign and will not be shared with third parties (aside from service providers such as Mailchimp and others who allow us to communicate with backers, analyze data, and gain other strategic benefits). We are committed to maintaining the privacy and security of this information. We will not sell your data.




    16. Allocation of Risks and Rewards 




    16.1 Marcus J Ball, as the sole owner of Radiator Productions Ltd. and Stop Lying In Politics Ltd., has shouldered significant legal, financial, and reputational risks throughout his role as a private prosecutor and in the pursuit of projects like this Campaign. This includes substantial personal financial liabilities incurred during legal actions against public figures. Stop Lying In Politics Ltd. and Mr Ball have so far taken on more than £250,000 in court and other debts as a part of their risk absorption responsibilities.



    16.2 While the Campaign seeks to raise funds to support the goals of the documentary film and the broader objectives of Stop Lying In Politics Ltd., Marcus J Ball, as the owner of Radiator Productions Ltd., is the primary individual exposed to legal and financial risks.



    16.3 In the event that the documentary film achieves significant financial success, Marcus J Ball, as the owner of Radiator Productions Ltd., has the discretion to allocate the funds as he sees fit, including for the continuation of the work by Stop Lying In Politics Ltd., the resolution of personal financial liabilities, and the building of a future for himself.



    16.4 This arrangement acknowledges the disproportionate responsibility and risks borne by Marcus J Ball in his role as a private prosecutor and filmmaker. It also aims to establish an accepted narrative that individuals who engage in challenging powerful and corrupt officials and
    politicians can do so without facing irreparable reputational damage and financial ruin. There must be a way up and forward for Mr Ball and others who may follow in his footsteps. This is it. Without such an arrangement other private prosecutors working for the general public benefit will be less likely to continue in this tradition.




    17. Legal Jurisdiction 




    17.1 These terms and conditions are governed by the laws ofthe United Kingdom.




    18. Indemnification 




    18.1 Backers agree to indemnify and hold Radiator Productions Ltd, Stop Lying In Politics Ltd, and all associated parties, including directors, officers, and employees, harmless from any claims, losses, liabilities, or damages arising from their participation in this Campaign. Backers assume no liability for this work.




    19. Delivery and Fulfilment 




    19.1 We will make every reasonable effort to fulfil any rewards or perks promised to backers as part of this Campaign within a reasonable timeframe. However, due to the dynamic nature of filmmaking, there may be unforeseen delays. We appreciate your understanding in such circumstances.




    20. Tax Implications 




    20.1 Backers are responsible for understanding and complying with any tax obligations related to their contributions. We do not provide tax
    advice, and it is advisable to consult with a tax professional regarding the tax implications of your contribution.




    21. Communication Channels 




    21.1 We will primarily communicate with backers through the email address provided during the contribution process. Please ensure that this
    email address is accurate and up to date to receive important updates and information related to the Campaign. Marcus also releases information via Twitter/X as @MarcusJBall.




    22. Third-Party Platforms 




    22.1 This Campaign may be hosted on third-party crowdfunding platforms. Backers agree to comply with the terms and conditions of these platforms, which may have additional policies and guidelines.



    22.2 The Crowdfunding campaign makes use of two separate websites. One being with Crowdfunder.co.uk and one being with Strikingly.com.

    Each website has strengths and weaknesses from an analytics and communications perspective. Using both is a strategic choice made by Marcus J Ball, who has full discretion over all decisions made on the campaign, its funding, and any outcomes.




    23. Force Majeure 




    23.1 In the event of circumstances beyond our control, such as natural disasters, pandemics, health or financial emergencies, or unforeseen
    governmental actions, we may be unable to fulfil certain obligations related to the Campaign. In such cases, we will make reasonable efforts to minimize disruption and communicate any changes to backers.




    24. Dispute Resolution 




    24.1 Any disputes or claims arising from this Campaign will be subject to mediation or alternative dispute resolution methods, with the
    goal of reaching an amicable resolution. If mediation is unsuccessful, legal action may be pursued as outlined in the jurisdiction clause (clause 17).




    25. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) 




    25.1 Marcus J Ball, as the project organizer, acknowledges the sensitivity and national importance of the work being undertaken through
    this Campaign, documentary production, and potential legal actions. Mr. Ball agrees not to disclose any sensitive information to parties who should not have access to it and to handle such information with the utmost discretion and care.



    25.2 Backers of this project similarly agree not to disclose any sensitive information made available to them by Marcus J Ball to parties who should not have access to such information. This mutual commitment to confidentiality is crucial to safeguarding the objectives of Stop Lying In Politics Ltd and Radiator Productions Ltd and ensuring the success of the project.



    25.3 This NDA serves to protect sensitive information and maintain a secure environment for the Campaign's success.




    26. Severability 



    26.1 In exceptional circumstances, where the extreme debt, reputational damage, or legal liability associated with this work becomes excessively burdensome or detrimental to Marcus J Ball, Mr. Ball may invoke this Severability clause. This clause allows Mr. Ball to be severed from all responsibilities and liabilities associated with backers, Stop Lying In Politics Ltd, Radiator Productions Ltd, The Power Of Lies Documentary Film (working title, subject to change), and all other associated works.



    26.2 Severability can be initiated on a mass basis, severing Mr. Ball from all parties simultaneously, or on an individual basis at Mr. Ball's discretion. This action does not affect the liability or responsibilities of backers, as their commitment is limited to their financial contributions to the cause and adherence to the general non-disclosure agreement (NDA).



    32. Changes to Terms and Conditions 



    32.1 Radiator Productions Ltd reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. Any changes will be communicated to backers, and by continuing to participate in the Campaign, backers agree to the updated terms and conditions.



    32.2 It is our intent to maintain transparency and openness throughout the Campaign and ensure that backers are informed of any changes in
    a timely manner.



    33. Agreement with these terms



    32.1 By financially supporting this campaign through either of the crowdfunding platforms associated with Stop Lying In Politics Ltd. and
    Radiator Productions Ltd., you confirm your acceptance of these terms and conditions. The act of contributing to this campaign signifies your
    understanding of the obligations and commitments outlined herein.



    33.2 Existing backers who receive this information and choose not to communicate their non-acceptance of these terms and conditions via email to Marcus J Ball within 14 days will also be considered to have accepted these terms and conditions, and their continued support of the campaign is understood as an acknowledgment of their agreement to adhere to the provisions set forth in this document.



    34. Entire Agreement 



    34.1 The terms and conditions within this agreement constitute the entire agreement between the backers of Stop Lying In Politics Ltd. and Radiator Productions Ltd. They supersede any prior agreements, understandings, or representations.



    [End of Document]